Benji Bananas


A very cute platform game



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Bananas Benji is a 2D platform game in which you have to control a monkey who likes two things: to swing on vines and to eat bananas. Luckily, in this game you can do both simultaneously.

The gameplay is very simple: touch the screen and Benji will grip a vine and release your finger to make Benji drop from the vine. Thanks to inertia and gravity, your hero can move forward faster and faster, picking up all the bananas you find along the way.

The further you get, the more bananas you find and the better your final score will be. Moreover, as you play you can unlock items that will help you to travel further and obtain better rewards, something almost essential to access the very best features of the game.

Bananas Benji is a fun platformer, which has some addictive gameplay and very nice graphics. In short, a classic Android game that will have you hooked for a good few hours.
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